Effective February 24, 2015

While we hope that you will be happy with your purchases, we know you may sometimes need to return them. If you do, this policy has all the information you’ll need to know. The fully inclusive services offered by Dot.com International Developers Ltd ensures that you are enabled to list your items for a small fee which gives you wide exposure for your vehicle, improving the chances of a buyer noticing your Ad. Dot.com International Developers therefore cannot generally offer refunds on listing fees due to the nature of the third party exchange involved with our service. The services offered on this website do not warrant or guarantee to find a buyer or result in a successful closing for your vehicle sales.

To cancel the service after it is ordered Dot.com International Developers adheres to the following policy with respect to requests for refunds of listing fees:-

  1. Contact us immediately by email.

After 72 hours, we will happily right any inaccuracies that have shown up in the Ad, but will not offer a refund after this time.

  1. If you email us within 72 hours of ordering an Ad, Dot.com International Developers will offer refund but only under these certain conditions:-
  1. You have to allow 24 hours for any photos and up to 48 hours for multiple photos to be posted onto our site;
  2. You wish to cancel an Ad that has not so far been posted;
  3. You incorrectly ordered and paid for duplicate Ads through the Dot.com International Developers site. You now want to cancel, and get a refund on the duplicate(s) Ads only as permissible. The initial posting will still stand.
  4. If you posted your vehicle Ad on Dot.com International Developers through a third party source. That Ad is not a duplicate, your Dot.com International Developers Ad is original to our site and counts as one listing, we will not cancel and give a refund on the paid Dot.com International Developers Ad.
  5. Dot.com International Developers Ltd will not provide a refund for any other reason, even if you call within 72 hours of ordering an Ad.

Refunds are not offered when:-

You change your mind about content or style of your Ad,

If you have made errors in submitting the Ad and not checked before listing;

If no inquiries or offers to purchase the vehicle through International Developers sites have been made by potential buyers,

If the vehicle has already been sold on other sites or through other methods.

If Dot.com International Developers Ltd has made errors in the content of your Ad. In this case we will of course make the suitable alterations to your Ad. There will be no charge for these alterations, but for supplementary improvements to your Ad we will charge.

You want to change to a less expensive Ad.

If your Ad on the Dot.com International site was bought through an alternative listing service (such as a local newspaper or website), we are sorry to state that we are unable to make any modifications to your Ad.

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