Effective Date: February 24, 2015


We respect the privacy of our users when they use our websites, mobile and other online applications and products and services (collectively, the " Dot.Com International Developers Sites"). There are many ways you can use our services for instance to search for and share information or to communicate with other people to buy and sell your automobiles. As you use our services, we want to ensure that you understand how we us you information and the ways in which you can protect your privacy. By using Dot.Com International Developers Sites, you consent to the use of your information about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

When we refer to Dot.Com International Developers within this Privacy Policy, we are talking about to Dot.Com International Developers, Ltd. This Privacy Policy applies to information collected through the Dot.Com International Developers Sites and does not describe the collection, use and disclosure practices of any of our corporate affiliates or third parties. We use the information we collect from all of our services to provide, preserve, defend and improve them, and to protect ourselves and our users. For information on the collection, use and disclosure practices of any company with whom you are doing business, whether or not affiliated with Dot.Com International Developers please review their privacy policies.

Services offered by Dot.Com International Developers are not directed to individuals under the age of eighteen (18). If you are under eighteen (18), you should not provide any personal information to us.

Dot.Com International believes strongly in your right to privacy and we advocate the responsible use of any site visitor or customer information we have. Dot.Com Privacy Policy covers the:

  • Information that you give us;
  • Information already available about you online; Information We Collect
  • Information on you location;
  • Third party data;
  • Automated Information generated from you use of our site;
  • Data Technologies

Information we distribute

  • To our Service Providers;
  • To trusted companies we work with;
  • As part of promotions with other organizations;
  • Sellers, Dealers and Manufacturers;
  • Credit control enquiries;
  • Corporate and Asset Transactions

Information We Collect

Information is gathered from the International Developers Sites by us, our service providers, advertisers, sponsors and partners.

Information You Provide

Many of our services require you to sign up as a user. When you do, we’ll ask for personal information, like your name, email address, telephone number or credit card. If you want to use sharing features that we and third parties offer, you can also create a publicly visible profile which may include details such as your name and photo.

We collect your information when:

  • You sign up to our services.
  • Make enquiries about buying, selling or trading a car (using our "email the seller" function);
  • Accessing our site via social networking logins like Facebook or Twitter;
  • Apply for credit for your new car with a dealer or one of our finance partners;
  • join in chats or other interactive talks through our site;
  • provide payment card information when purchasing through our site;
  • subscribe to newsletters or provide feedback in our surveys,
  • Participate in sweepstakes or other promotions.

Automated Information.

When you use our services or website we will automatically collect and store certain information as standard. This includes:

  • details of how you used our service, such as times and dates and any other information regarding your use of the International Developers Sites
  • Telephony log information like your phone number, SMS routing information and type of handheld or mobile device that you used if accessing our site using a mobile device.
  • Internet protocol address and the type of browser and operating system used;
  • Cookies that may exclusively identify your browser or your Google Account.
  • email you open and links you click on within those email;

Data Technologies.

We automatically gather information, such as cookies, local shared objects, and web beacons. Our automated systems analyze your content to provide you personally relevant products and spam and malware detection.

"Cookies" are small identifiers sent from a web server that are stored on internet devices to recognize your browser and store information or settings in your browser.

"Local shared objects," store your preferences or display content based upon what you have viewed previously on a number of websites to distinguish your tastes and styles.

"Web beacon," or Internet tag, pixel tag or clear GIF, links a web page to a web server and their cookies.

One or more Data Technologies may be used on the Dot.com International Developers Site and third party websites used by us in agreement with their privacy policies. Data Technologies may be used by us and others, on our behalf and on their own behalf, to convey information to you or about you improving your user experience obtaining information on different sources, websites, devices, and mobile applications for your benefit.

Often we use an exclusive toll-free telephone number on dealer sites or in advertisements and we (or a service provider acting on our behalf) may gather information about the call such as date and time which remains anonymous, as well as info that can be connected to you such as your name.

Videos. When viewing videos on our site, from time to time we may make track of your viewing habits. By using our site, you give consent to us following your video viewing through the our website or third party social media associated with our site for up to two years or as permitted by applicable law.

Location Information.

When you use our website, we may collect and evaluate information about your actual location. We use several technologies to determine location, including IP address, GPS, and other sensors such as Wi-Fi access points. We also may gather Location Information when you are near one of our dealers. We only do so with your permission. We may possibly give Location Information to third parties to offer you with content and services that are pertinent to a specific location. This is in relation to advertising that you receive, search results, possible dealers in the area, to evaluate and improve user experience.

Publicly Information. We offer personal information to our affiliates or other trusted businesses or persons to process and publicise it for us, based on our directions and in agreement with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. Information you provide to us and others via social media networks, and other online networks is public information that we and third parties may share or use in accordance with the law.

Information from Other Sources.

We actively use the information that you provide us with to offer you a professional service. Information we receive from our affiliates and elsewhere, as well as with other information that we automatically collected is combined together to help us form an opinion about your needs. The collective data may comprise information about your use of our website, your use of other websites, online applications and material from our affiliates.

What we do with the information we collect

We may use information we collect for the following purposes:

  • for routine business purposes which help us to manage your user account, providing products and services that you require, doling out and collecting payments and providing comprehensive customer support;
  • to give you the guidance in relation to the cars that you would like to sell or trade in;
  • to generate listings and advertisements for any cars and other vehicles that you wish to sell which may appear on the Dot.com International Developers Sites and other third party websites;
  • to interconnect you with all of our special events, programs, surveys, contests, sweepstakes and other offers or promotions;
  • to identify and address technical and service problems that are associated with use of our site;
  • to provide you with a platform to connect with other users, dealers, creators through our purpose built message boards, blogs and social media;
  • to help us to evaluate and make better our website, including inventing new products and analyzing the efficiency of everything that we offer;
  • to research our market and perform data analyses, market and consumer research, trend analysis, demographic analysis and financial analysis;
  • to provide you with information and advertising relating to your browsing history both within the Dot.com International Developers Sites and on other online sites;
  • to enable to to ensure that we follow applicable legal requirements and our policies; and
  • to contact you when and if necessary without breaching procedural law.

Applications, Widgets and Social Media

Our Privacy Policy does not cover the information procedures of other organizations who advertise our services, and who may use cookies, pixel tags and other technologies to serve and offer relevant ads. We do however use applications or widgets from social media providers that allow interaction and/or content sharing by their users. Widgets, like a Facebook "Share" or "Like" button, can be seen on the web page you visit.

This partnership arrangement between Dot.Com International and social media companies even when you do not openly initiate the network's application or widget. It is important to visit every respective social media network's privacy policy so that you are fully aware of their data collection observances that the implement. The privacy policy of the social media network is the body that maintains all of your data and what is done with it.

Advertising Networks

We work hard to make sure that ads are safe, unobtrusive and as relevant as possible. We use processes of "online behavioral" or "interest-based" advertising that monitor your common interests over time and predict what you are most likely to be interested in. We may partner with advertising network companies that bring targeted advertisements to customers and produce statistics connected to the delivery of interest-based advertisements. They use information collected through a diversity of Data Technologies to provide research and reporting for us, our affiliates and other advertisers.

This data collection takes place both on the Dot.com International Developers Sites and on third-party's websites and mobile applications. Our adverts bring targeted advertising, enhance promotional programs and help track the efficiency of such efforts. Our advertising will use this info for predicting the characteristics and preferences of their respective audiences and measuring the usefulness of their advertising in harmony with their privacy policies.

We do not offer details that are specific to an individual person like name and addresses to an advertising network when you interact with or view a tailored advertisement but in this event the advertiser may make a conjecture that you are in what they have to offer.

Many organizations disclose when using interest-based advertising programs to deliver third-party ads or amassing information about your visit for these commitments. You will often be given the ability to say no to the use of your information. Targeted advertising by multiple companies can be stopped by visiting www.aboutads.info/choices, www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp and www.evidon.com. if you opt out, this will not prevent you from receiving advertisements, but they will not be custom-made to your precise interests.

Material We Share

We do not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Dot.com International Developers unless one of the following situations applies:

  • With your consent we will share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of ourselves when we have your consent to do so.
  • Affiliates. We may perhaps give personal information about you with our corporate affiliates, who will use it in agreement with their privacy policies.
  • Our Service Providers. We may engage third parties to provide the services offered through or in connection with the International Developers Sites on our behalf. We require such providers to maintain information about you as confidential and to use the information only to perform the services specified by us in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy.
  • Third party promotions. Occasionally other organizations will offer promotions for their own purpose on the Dot.com International Developers Sites which is covered by their independent privacy policies and will include only the third party's branding.
  • Co-Sponsored Promotions. If you participate in a survey, sweepstakes, contest or other promotion that is co-sponsored by Dot.com International Developers and a third party, we may share material collected with the promotion, including personal information, with that third party. After the information is provided to those third parties, the subsequent use or disclosure of such information is subject to their privacy policies and practices. Surveys, sweepstakes and other promotions conducted on behalf of us and a third party will include branding from both us and the third party.
  • Sellers, Dealers and Manufacturers. Details about yourself including personal information and Data Technologies, may be pooled with sellers, dealers and manufacturers, and their agents and third party service providers. Any information you pass over will be in accordance with their privacy policies.

Below are some example of how information sharing can occur:

  • If you are bearing in mind selling a car, we may offer information about you to dealers who contribute in our trade-in program and other dealers in your area;
  • If you are attracted to a certain listing of a car for sale, data you provide will be shared with the seller of that specific car and with dealers in your area;
  • There is a possibility that we will share info with manufacturers, their agents or third party service providers, that will then be delivered to their franchised dealers;
  • We may offer manufacturers, their agents or third party service providers, with information about you if you have expressed an interest in certified pre-owned vehicles; or
  • Credit Applications. If you need credit to buy a vehicle then it will be essential for you to provide personal information to commence further, including information like your address, credit history, employment and any other relevant financial information. We may share your application information with the dealers that you have carefully chosen and our financial partners making the processing your application with their privacy policies simplified, however. We will never use personal financial information to provide you with advertising that may be of interest to you.
  • Business closure. If at any time we retail all or significantly all of our business or transfer all or a material part of our assets, or else involved in a merger or transfer of all or a substantial part of our commercial occupations, the information that we have collected on you may be moved, including personal information, to our new business trade

Additionally we might use or disclose information, including your personal information to:

  • defend or guard our interests and the legal rights or property of Dot.com International Developers and our affiliates;
  • safeguard the rights of users of the Dot.com International Developers Sites to keep them secure;
  • defend against fraud or for risk management purposes; or
  • to act in accordance with judicious legal practice as we may determine, and appropriate law or legal process.

The choices you have.

You have the right to decide how we communicate with you:

  • You do not have to provide us with information but this will impact on your ability to register with us;
  • You can unsubscribe using a link that we will send you in emails at anytime;
  • interest-based advertisements have an you can opt out contingent and so though not stopping marketing this will control what information you allow us to collect certain Data Technologies offer you a range of choices to limit or permit access to your info. The majority of web browsers mechanically accept cookies, but it is possible to adjust your browser's setting to decline cookies if you prefer. web beacons can also be made unusable by rejecting their associated cookies and disable or delete similar data used by browser add-ons by changing the add-on's settings or opting out at Evidon.com or the website of the technology provider. If you make these choices however, be aware that certain features may not work correctly as a result. You may be able to adjust the use of advertising identifiers on mobile devices through the settings on your device. You can block our telephone number if you require.
  • In our initial invitation we ask you to provide location information so that you can decline from the start. If you make these choices however, be aware that certain features may not work correctly as a result.

Your California Privacy Rights

California Civil Code Section 1798.83 enables California users to request information about if business has disclosed certain information about you to any third parties for the third parties' direct marketing purposes. California users wanting further information in compliance with this law or who have questions or concerns about how w deal with your privacy should contact us as indicated in the "How to Contact Us" section below.

Online Tracking Policy for California Residents: As of the effective date of this Privacy Policy , there is no commonly accepted response for Do Not Track signals initiated by browsers, therefore we do not respond to them.

Access and Alteration

You are entitle to view any and all details that we collect and maintain about you. For example you can access your account to update the information you have up to this time provided. If you believe we hold inaccurate information about you, subject to applicable law, you can ask for amendments the information to be made by contacting us as indicated in the "How to Contact Us" section below.


Dot.com International Developers Sites will have links to websites that are not operated by us, as well as third party widgets and applications and social media access. It is important to review privacy policies of site where you give personal. Our Privacy Policy does not cover the information procedures of other organizations who advertise our services, and who may use cookies and other technologies to provide you with relevant ads.

Data Security

We use up-to-date physical and online measures to take you data and information security seriously. Designed to safeguard information about you, we are well equipped to ensure you are safe against loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or alteration of any of your details. In extreme cases, we cannot guarantee the total security of networks, servers and databases that we operate or that are operated on our behalf.


We regularly review our Privacy Policy. We also adhere to several self regulatory frameworks. When we are given formal written complaints, we will contact the person who made the complaint and follow it up. We work with the appropriate regulatory establishments, including local data protection authorities and rely upon application of the law of the state of Georgia, to decide any complaints regarding the transfer of personal data that we cannot resolve with our users directly.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change at certain intervals in response to changes to our practices. This will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your clear consent. We will state any privacy policy changes on our website. We will also keep prior versions of this Privacy Policy in an archive for your review. We will provide you with supplementary notice of material changes by posting notice of the changes 30 days before we apply those modifications.

How to Contact Us

We welcome any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy. In addition if you need to update any of your personal information we, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.