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2008 Chevrolet Cobalt - LT

used Car - automatic - Mileage: 103059
0 Listed on: May 22, 2015  
2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LT

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LT

Columbus new and Pre Owned car shoppers have been lighting up the phones at Hatfield Used Car Center over this 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt with value and peace of mind built-in. Hatfield Used Car Center's vehicle also includes Keyless Entry which allows the vehicle to be unlocked from 30 feet or more, the ability to make trips to the drive-through a breeze with the Power Windows, and turn your automotive driving experience into a concert hall with the MP3 Player Dock. In Ohio and Pennsylvania Facebook is buzzing about Hatfield Used Car Center 's gently pre owned car deals llike this one loaded with your ears open to a world of news &amp; entertainment with Satellite Radio, Auxiliary Audio Input to get the best possible sound from your ipod or mp3 player directly into your factory or aftermarket car stereo, and the convenience of Power Door Locks. Hatfield Used Car Center is known for Central Ohio used cars loaded with options like an Anti-Theft System included to help deter criminals, Power Mirrors to help unobstruct your views, and cold blasting Air Conditioning. When searching for new or pre owned cars in OH it's important to compare options and features! Our vehicle also has Auxiliary Power Outlet to keep the tailgate television going before, during and after the game, Front Wheel Drive, and Bucket Seats with individually adjustable support and comfort for the front driver and passenger. This vehicle also includes: Rear Head Air Bag - Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Child Proof Locks - Drivers Air Bag - Steel Wheels - Single-Disc CD Player - Cloth Seats - Daytime Running Lights - Passenger Air Bag - Power Steering - Rear Window Defroster - Remote Trunk Release - Vanity Mirrors - Bench Seat ---GET MORE/PAY LESS, OUR LOW OVERHEAD LOCATION ALLOWS US TO BE MORE PRICE COMPETITIVE--DON'T PAY TOO MUCH AT THE "BIG FANCY FRANCHISE STORES" ALL OUR PRICES ARE ADJUSTED TO FAIR MARKET VALUE, IF YOU FEEL THEY ARE UNFAIR PLEASE LET US KNOW, THANKS IN ADVANCE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE VINh0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jrIconFice”>$7,995<1G1AL58FX87257521 E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R Rejrspan fae - V Seat ---GET L ">spana0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jrIconFice”>$7,99m08 Yeaa0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jrIconFice”>$7,99m>Chevrolet 08$7,99m - E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R Rejrclaschem fae - V Seat ---GET L ">clas Thema0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jSedan E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R Rejran> fae - V Seat ---GET L ">an> a0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jrIconFice”>$7,99m E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R RejrFuFug - S Thema0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jive, awd Bucsengea0E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R RejrTSelect" >anelect" >Enginma0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"j2.2L I4 16Vck.FI DOHCa0E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R Rejrlue="n e - V Seat ---GET L ">lue="" naa0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jrIconFice”>$7,99sku Rta p E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R RejrExue="orAiron fae - V Seat ---GET L ">Exue="or Whrona0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jReeeTevels k coat E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R Rejrion()"orAiron fae - V Seat ---GET L ">ion()"or Whrona0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of m"jNeu car E, Ia0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET R RejrFehicle s vtweeIae - V Seat ---GET L - nd ceeIa0E, Iae - V Seat ---GET V of mjrL - nd ceeIaulast">Aort and cor Window e-Diss="last">ng. When searchis="last">nM/FMor Wonvs="last">nem ncluded to hs="last">n Input to get the bes="last">n Input too keep the ts="last">GET MORE/Ps="last">Gth individus="last">cks - Drivers Airs="last">caytime Runs="last">g - Steel Wheels="last">Emered cy - Vanity Mirrs="last">ive, and Bucket Ss="last">Gasolinm Enginma0"last">ion()mit ter liga0"last">which allows a0"last">Mp In Ohio and a0"last">Bag inc with frostRE/Ps="last">Bag - Power Steers="last">Bag - Power SteertREnsona0"last">B keeps Airs="last">to help unobss="last">to helr Windows="last">Bag - Tire Pressus="last">Bag -er - Remote Truns="last">Baease - Vanity Mirrs="last">o, Auxiliary Aus="last">oof p Tire Pressus="last"> Player - Cloth Seatss="last"> nd feMonit( D Pze)s="last"> Single-Discs="last"> - Bench Seat s="last"> -rind corpeeeeion()mit ter liga0"last">nd BucC Chega0"las E, Ia0E, Ia0E, Ia0E, I class="jrLs2:noale-eIa0s2:noale-eI>
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